Thursday, February 25, 2010

Aquarian Age Rune Magic


Rune magic goes far beyond any religious doctrines.

Remember when you are planning your rune magic, the plan is only a map, not the territory. The territory is the energy field you will be working with.

The Runic Universe far surpasses the Tree of Life, which is the magical system most non-runic magicians use.

The Tree of Life and other religious mappings (rituals) have no place in this third millennium of the Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Energy and the Age of the Mind.

Rune magic is now to be practiced on a scientific basis. There is an exact science of rune magic.

The new Age of Aquarius is giving us freedom of thinking which will lead to ever new and increasing powerful technology.

When you combine the Universal energies of the runes with the modern technology of Radionics you will have the most powerful magical system of all times.

What is Rune Magic? Magic is action at a distance. Rune magic is the ability to attract and redirect powerful and creative energies.

The action of rune magic has the goal to cause an effect, or a change. Change of an individual, a group of individuals or a particular situation.

Distance is irrelevant in rune magical work. What is important is resonant frequencies which is determined by structural and psychic links.

The Target, where you send the runic energies, is a psychic link. It can be a person, hair, fingernails, photos, clothing, blood or a mental image.

The use of a psychic link to the Target makes its distance to the magician irrelevant.

Rune magic is action upon the universe.

The desired action is in the nature of the effect looked for. This is determined by means of a structural representation. A symbol, a template or an intention.

Rune magic needs power, a target and an intention.

Rune magic fails when there is a psychic defense or blockage or interference. If you want to attract money but the blockages within your aura are stronger than the amount of energy you can generate, nothing will happen.

Rune magic requires enough psychic energy (life force) to be effective.

Magicians of all ages knew of the necessity of developing strong psychic power for their magical work.

Life energy is the medium that makes rune magic work.

Life force, prana, chi, psychic power, ond, mana, etc.

Magicians of old used chanting, emotional outbursts, group rituals, magical practices, religious emotionalism and animal sacrifice to increase life force.

Now in the Age of Aquarius, Rune magicians can increase the amount of life force they need by using radionics and orgone generator technology.

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