Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is the Science of Magic?

What is the Science of Magic?

Magic goes beyond any religious doctrine. Many of the religious magical practices used during the Age of Pisces, the last 2000 years, have no use in this new Age of Aquarius.

The much used Tree of Life is not the whole Universe, but only a very small part of it.

Now Magic is to be practiced on a scientific basis. This new scientific process will give us the freedom of thinking out of the religious box.

Magic is Action that has a goal to cause an effect or a change in an individual or in a situation.

Magic causes this change at any distance. Every magician of the past knew he needed three things to be effective. He/she needed a psychic link to his target. Some hair, finger nails, a photo, clothing, blood, and Astrology chart and even just a mental image.

A second link is needed. A link that determines the desired effect or a desired action. Symbols make very powerful second links.

And thirdly, and most importantly, they needed psychic energy (Life-Force.)

If a magician has these three at his disposal he/she is ready to start to do magic.

A magician fails to achieve the desired action or effect if there is a psychic defense, blockage or interference present.

The second reason for failure is not enough Life-Force. All magicians knew they had to develop strong psychic powers or magical powers.

Life energy is the medium that makes all magic work. It is also called prana, chi, psychic power, magical power, ond, and mana.

The new science of magic will use a scientific model of life energy.

Franz Anton Mesmer was one of the first to use this new scientific model of magic (Life-Force.) He called it “Animal Magnetism.” He “mesmerized” people to heal them. He used wooden barrels filled with iron filings and two iron rods sticking out of the barrel that the patient held onto.

Then came Baron Karl Von Reichenbach with his Odic force.

More recently, Wilhelm Reich. He coined the word “Orgone” Life energy. He built an orgone generator which charged people with energies for a healing.

Early magicians who did not use the scientific model of Life-Energy for magic, still knew that psychic energy was needed for their work. They used chanting, emotional out bursts, group rituals, magical practices, religious emotionalism and animal sacrifice.

The most recent scientist who takes the Science of Magic to it's highest and most powerful level is Karl Hans Welz.

He invented the Chi Orgone Generator and a series of Radionic devices that deliver powerful life force 24/7.

The modern day magician can now be more than any magician that went before, simply by using an orgone generator or a Radionics device.

Welcome to the Age of Scientific Magic.

Ragnar Storyteller (AKA Ellis Peterson is a Korean War Vet living with his wife Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He is the inventor of the simple radionics device called “The Nordic Ond Orgone Generator”. He has written over 200 articles and booklets on runes, radionics, quantum physics, viking history, orgone generators and alternate healing methods. You can see more of his works on his websites:





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